New Haven Age Group Track Club


Registration Information:


If you are placed on the waitlist DO NOT obtain your AAU or USATF memberships until you have received confirmation that you are accepted into the program.


Once program fee is paid: Complete your registration and join the New Haven Age Group Track Club by taking the following steps:


☐ Obtain BOTH AAU and USATF memberships.​


USATF membership fee $22/year-PLEASE ENTER club # 35


AAU membership fee  $16/year- club # WYE7E4



  • Go to 
  • From the toolbar click on products/services
  • Scroll down to individual membership
  • Click on register or renew online
  • USATF-Registered Club Number is 05-035
  • Sports code check (√) track events and field events
  • Membership category check (√) athlete
  • Cost = $20.00
  • After receiving USATF Membership - USATF Age Verified: If you have not already verified your age, you must submit a copy of your Certificate of Birth, Passport, etc. to Connecticut Membership Chairperson James Barber.


  • Click on AAU Membership program (right side of screen)
  • Scroll down to athlete membership.
  • Create a user name and password to access membership registration.
  • Step 1. drop-down menu and select youth program
  • Step 2. drop-down menu for member category select regular membership
  • Step 3. drop-down menu for athletics select T&F, X- country, multi-events.
  • Enter club code -WYE7E4 and follow directions
  • Cost = $16.00


  • Make sure to have your student-athletes birth certificate to load into the system during the registration process- This is an important step for competition
  • Your registration application will not be processed it you DO NOT provide both AAU & USATF memberships prior to the first day of practice


We will practice CDC safety guidelines, social distancing, wearing of a mask, and hand sanitizing.

Practice location and meet communications will be sent out to ONLY those who have registered.


Questions regarding registration: