New Haven Age Group Track Club

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Dear Supporter,


New Haven Age Group Track Club (NHAGTC) has been changing the lives of young people ages 6-18 from the New Haven area for over 45 years. The club’s focus on athletics and academics empowers young people to run at an elite level and excel academically. Throughout its history, NHAGTC student-athletes have brought home many national championships, competed at the college level, and have gone on to pursue careers in business, law, medicine, and education. Our overriding goal is to help them become their fullest and best selves by instilling in them a work ethic and resilience that will foster real confidence. Indeed to be a member of this team is to be an athlete, a scholar, and – perhaps above all – a member of a family.


The volunteer coaches, led by Shauntaye Williams-Monroe, who push the kids to work hard every week of the year on the track, in school, and in their commitments to other community pursuits while building a community where kids from a variety of backgrounds, which span race, class, age and gender learn to see, listen to and mentor one another.  The confluence of these goals fosters an energy and an ethic that is self-perpetuating.  


We are looking for support from our community to ensure that our program will continue to grow and prosper and that financial barriers do not prevent anyone from having the opportunity to participate.  Any monetary donations, giftcards, and support will help reduce costs for individual and group participation. 

These kids run together year in and year out, in the snow and the stifling heat.  With time, they coalesce into a tribe, whose coda is passed down by the eldest among them: aim high, work hard, study hard, respect and support one another. Our goal, as stewards of this club, is simply to protect and sustain their momentum. It is our hope that you will invest not only in our team but in changing the lives of youth throughout the New Haven area. It’s an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.  



Shauntaye Williams-Monroe, Head Coach and Mother to four current NHAGTC athletes

(203) 887-4806 or email at